3 Packs Nuez de la India 100 % Original Weight loss Seeds 36 seeds.

3 Packs Nuez de la India 100 % Original Weight loss Seeds 36 seeds.

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100 %  Original Seeds to lose Weight. 
You will see the results just in a few days.


Nuez de la India Originally from Brazil, the original seed that really works.
A Natural Organic Product that Works With Your Body to help you  lose Weight.

More properties: Weight loss. The Weight loss benefits of Nuez de la India are legendary in South America, the remarkable properties dissolves the fat deposits from the body Lower Cholesterol. Taking Nuez de la India Reduced Appetite. Nuez de la India helps to reduce your craving from food not only helping you to lose weight but help you learn new better eating habits Clearer Skin. Studies have shown that the detoxifying effects of Nuez de la India promotes clearer, cleaner and more healthy skin tissue. Hair re-growth. Nuez de la India has been shown to promote healthier, stronger hair and re-growth even in balding people Stop Smoking. Nuez de la India has proven to help stop smoking by reducing cravings Improved Bowel Movements. The properties of Nuez de la India allow the body to pass movements more easily Cleared Hemorrhoids. Nuez de la India reduces the strain on the bowel thereby allowing mild hemorrhoids inflammation to recover normally.

WARNING:  Do NOT take Nuez de la india if you are pregnant or nursing, or under 10 years old ( UNDER PARENTS SUPERVISION ONLY) or older than 65. NEVER take MORE THAN 1/4 of Seed a day.

How to use: Cut 1 seed in 4 parts, every night you will only use 1/4. Smash the 1/4 of seed between 2 spoons, crush it good and drop in any drink, ( water, tea, coffee, juice, milk, Hot liquids are recommended) mix and drink. repeat every night.
Discontinue if you feel uncomfortable, low the dosage to 1/8 if you go more than 5 times to the bathroom.

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